PHONE: 434-960-5859


 I'm a concept designer and illustrator in Los Angeles, originally from Virginia. I'm passionate about
painting, designing, creating new worlds, and working with anyone else who feels the same way. 

work experience

- Blindwink Productions- Undisclosed Paramount Feature Film-  2017-2018

-Providing character concepts 
-Providing keyframe renderings

- Half MT Studios, Warner Brothers - "Godzilla 2: King of Monsters" - 2016

- Provided creature concept designs during pre-production.

- Legendary Pictures -  "Spectral" - 2016

- Provided concept design and prop building during post production.

- Hotopp Associates - Theme Park Design/ Illustration- 2016

- Provided concept design and illustrations for high budget theme park projects.

- University Transit Service- Bus Driver- 2010-2011

 - Efficiently and smoothly drove thousands of people to numerous destinations around the University of Virginia.
- Navigated challenging and potentially dangerous situations both behind the wheel, and while personally interacting with intoxicated and/or mentally unstable passengers.
- 0 citations, 0 complaints filed against me, 0 casualties.

skills and expertise

- Strong understanding of human and animal anatomy as it pertains to creature and character design.
- Strong understanding of lighting, color, composition and overall visual storytelling.
- Proficient in:
- Traditional medium
- Photoshop
- ZBrush
- Modo


- Art Center College of Design

-Entertainment Design (Concept Art Track), 2014- 2016 

- The University of Virginia, Class of 2012

- Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art
- Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
- Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy